Fulfillment by Amazon


At Private Label Nutrition we can take the hassle out of getting your goods to one of the largest online e-commerce sales and distributors. We can ship you products direct into Amazon’s warehousing system. Once your goods are sent and accepted at Amazon, they are normally available to your Amazon customers within 48 hours.

  • Single one off product line dispatches.
  • Multiple product line dispatches.
  • Small deliveries to Amazon UK Warehouse.
  • Small deliveries to European Amazon Warehouse.
  • Full Pallets to Amazon UK & European Warehouse.
Fulfillment by Amazon Private Label Nutrition


Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) helps you grow your business in the UK and internationally when you sell on Amazon and through other sales channels. FBA gives you access to Amazon's world-class logistics resources, fast, free delivery options for your products, and trusted and acclaimed customer service in the local language. Send your choice of products to an Amazon fulfilment center and they will store your inventory, pick, pack and ship it EU-wide when customers order.

FBA is integrated with your Amazon selling account and offers a flexible, pay-per-use model without minimum inventory requirements. Please note to access the Amazon PPC (pay per click) advertising options you will need to be regitered as a professional seller.


To get setup with Fulfillment By Amazon, here is a quick check list.

  • To get set up with an Amazon seller account Click Here
  • Tell us your Amazon product barcode/GTIN (global trade item number) also known as an EAN or UPC number for each product. These need to be purchased in advance through GS1 UK . This barcode needs to be added to the product label.
  • Set up your listings for which products you would like to sell on Amazon.(see links below)
  • Let Amazon know what you intend to ship to them. This is done through creating a shipping plan in you seller account. We will send you box configurations once your order is ready to be shipped to enable you to do this.
  • Send us your Amazon shipping labels (shipping plan documents) once complete.
  • We will book the courier and ship your products to Amazon.
  • Once shipped we will send you a tracking number, this need to be added to your shipping plan once recieved from us (see links below)
Speed up with Amazon Fulfillment and Private Label Nutrition

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