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Drop Shipping your own manufactured goods is a very cost effect and simple solution for getting your goods to market.
At Private Label Nutrition we don’t have the facilities to drop ship your goods, however we do work with a number of fulfillment warehouse’s who will help you with your needs.


This service allows us to ship your products in bulk direct to the fulfilment warehouse, who is turn manage and fulfil your order details. The costs for this service are approximately as follows*;

The fees are separated into six categories:

1. Storage (per cubic metre, per month)
2. The Picking and Packing handling fee (per order)
3. Packaging (if required)
4. Shipping cost (set by courier service)
5. Goods in (delivery of new stock)
6. Stock count
7. Returned items

1. The storage
£15 per cubic metre per month.

2. The picking and packing handling fee
£2.10 per first item, per order and 25p for subsequent products included in the same order.

3. The packaging
This would be dependent on how your product is already packaged.

4. For shipping
Once we know what packaging your products require, we can ascertain the weight and the dimensions of a parcel and then let you know the current shipping prices.


Private Label Nutrition Drop Shipping


5. Goods in
Attracts a fee of £3.25 per delivery to the warehouse per (up to and including) three cubic metres.

6. Stock count
Stock count (weekly/goods-in stage/ad hoc) is £12.00 per hour.

7. Returned orders or individual products
50p if one or two items in the same order are returned.
35p if three or more items in the same order are returned.

If you think this is of interest to you, or you would like us to help you with your drop shipping needs please contact us for further help.

* Please note these are only for guide purposes only and may change, for further information please feel free to contact us.

Private Label Nutrition Drop Shipping

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