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When looking for a new supplier or starting a new brand there are a raft of questions that are not always easy to answer via email or on a website, that's why we encourage business to contact us for an informal chat to see how we can help them.

Opening an account with us is very quick and simple and there are no credit checks required. Please contact us during office hours and we can noramlly process your account application within a few hours.

No there is no cost!
It is and always will be FREE of charge. Opening an account with us is very quick and simple and there are no credit checks required.

This really does depend on the product, how and if you want this packing. However order runs can start from one thousand bottles and this can include your own label and brand printed! We always suggest that clients deside what they want to sell first then call us with their requirements.

All our products are made and packaged in our state of the art UK factory. All our packaging has full ingredients and supplement breakdowns in line with UK law.

We are always keen to speak to companies who would like new blends or mixtures and although this can sometimes take a little time to come to fruition we would welcome a conversation to help and assist you.

No Problem!
We have a team of experienced team of designers who can help you bring your ideas and brand to life, from a simple bottle of supplements to a range across the high street. For more information please see our Print & Design page or contact us for further help.

Yes that's no problem. All we ask is that artwork is supplied in the correct format and size, any alterations can be done by our team of designers but may be billable. Please take a look HERE for more information

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